parents should not let their middle schoolers have facebook profiles.
  1. tyra banks
    this was an actual profile picture that i had in eighth grade
  2. an inspiration to all
    this was supposed to be inspiring and all but i can really only focus on the silver eyeliner
  3. eating takis
    i don't know why i set this as my profile picture
  4. black friday shopping
    the caption on this photo was, "ready for black friday!"
  5. the self timer
    i claimed that this picture was taken when i wasn't paying attention to my self timer, but that isn't true. i just wanted to make my peers laugh
  6. new york city
    this was taken to express my desire to become a Broadway Star <333 but looking back i can only pay attention to how disorganized my walls were
  7. mrs. eyebrows
    why did no one tell me i had two caterpillars crawling on my face all throughout middle school
  8. the narwhal
    why was i like this
  9. the party animal
    let's get turnt #fifthgrade
  10. the beanie
    what was my purpose of taking this photo?? was it to inspire?? to show people how creative i was??? to make them sit at their computers, trying to decipher what i had written on this photo???
  11. coca cola
    i went through a coca cola phase in middle school and i don't know why. i was such a #MysteriousHipster
  12. twizzlers
    so uplifting. so inspiring.
  13. the face
    this was my signature selfie face in middle school. god forgive me for i have sinned
  14. the yorkie
    why i wanted to take a picture of my dog and i wearing matching bows is beyond me. and i spent about half an hour trying to get this picture. i could have watched an episode of the office in that amount of time
  15. middle school
    this is the best description of my middle school experience i can find. it is a gem, created in the worst of the piknik revolution. enjoy