1. the office
    this is the most important tv show of our time. you fall in love with the characters (john krasinski, most importantly) and the humor is sharp and stupid
  2. parks and recreation
    like the office, this mockumentary is a very important and very popular comedy. plus it has amy poehler so that's already a reason to watch it
  3. 30 rock
    this is possibly the most creative show to ever air on television
  4. saturday night live
    you already know
  5. unbreakable kimmy schmidt
    tina fey is at it again. it's a mini 30 rock
  6. orange is the new black
    perfect for comedy fans who also love drama and lesbians.
  7. the tonight show starring jimmy fallon
    talk shows are a perfect source of comedy, and so is jimmy fallon.
  8. documentary now
    parodies of documentaries with fred armisen and bill hader. a triple threat
  9. friends
    everyone knows what friends is why are you even reading this
  10. modern family
    it's won a bunch of emmys, which is justifiable
  11. the late late show with james corden
    for all of your british humor
  12. psych
    a detective dramedy and possibly the wittiest show out there