The ultimate all star baseball team

In my humble and ignorant opinion
  1. RHP. Nolan Ryan.
    I know there are a lot of greats to choose from, but 7 no hitters! Freaking 7.
  2. LHP - Sandy Koufax
    For 5 years he was awesome. Plus I've met the guy and I like him.
  3. 1st Base - Lou Gehrig
    Pride of the Yankees
  4. 2nd Base - Jackie Robinson
    Because he's Jackie Robinson
  5. SS - Ozzie Smith
    Ozzie was an acrobat with a mitt.
  6. 3rd Base - Brooks Robinson
    Easiest call on the list.
  7. Catcher - Johnny Bench
    He redefined the position.
  8. RF - Babe Ruth
    Pretty sure he played right field. Gotta put him somewhere.
  9. LF - Ted Williams
    Teddy baseball, the splendid splinter
  10. CF - Willy Mays
    My pick for the best player ever at any position.