1. A salad.
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  2. A bowl of Lucky Charms, likely not consumed at breakfast time.
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  3. Probably the only reasonable meal I have eaten in the past two months.
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  4. Curry from one of the few meals I have eaten that wasn't a grilled cheese sandwich or from the dining hall.
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  5. This was a picture mainly to prove I was branching out in my food choices.
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    By branching out, I mean I was not picking out every small piece of carrot and shoving it away from all the actually good food items.
  6. A salad, alongside a plate of macaroni and cheese, to show that I am a mature adult who makes healthy decisions.
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  7. A blurry photo of a bowl of chili that wasn't even that good.
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  8. Partially eaten biscuit and gravy, which was about as appetizing as it is appealing in this picture (not very).
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