1. Every sip of coffee you take should be replaced by two sips of water directly after.
    I don't do this but I should.
  2. If you confidently do something, no matter what it is, you have a 8/10 chance of getting away with it.
  3. If you let yourself be bad at things you will eventually not be bad at them or you will become fine with being bad at them.
  4. Fabric softener changes everything.
  5. Just see what happens.
  6. See the spaces, not the trees.
    Advice given to me by a snowboarding instructor that can actually be applied to many different situations.
  7. You will never actually earn what you want you have to take it.
  8. You can look at your hands while you play.
    It absolutely mystifies me why the average piano teacher indoctrinates students into not looking at their hands. It makes everything go 100x smoother and most professionals do it anyways.
  9. You're gonna have to tap many times before you get someone else to tap.
    My dad tells me this all the time in reference to his judo training but I think he means in life too.
  10. Just ride the ride.
    Advice I give to my friends to get them to come on rollercoasters with me. Can also be applied in many other ways.