1. I sleep better when I have an ironing board set up in my room. I have no idea how I figured this out.
  2. When making ramen noodles I always prefer the ones in the styrofoam cups and I eat them with a fork.
  3. After a stressful day I will put on my favorite podcast and proceed to pace back and forth for like 20 minutes.
  4. I think The Titanic is a shitty movie.
  5. I put condensed milk in my coffee.
  6. I will see any horror movie at least once.
  7. Anything rotten tomatoes tells me I will believe blindly.
  8. Anthony Bourdain is my dream man.
  9. Reality television is my guilty pleasure that I don't feel too guilty about.
  10. I am terrible at math.
  11. The veins on my left arm spell "hi"