None of these have been successful, but I didn't mind trying. Can't imagine what I'm doing wrong??
  1. Eating a whole bag of peas
    With butter and salt, of course
  2. Watching the RHOBH finale
  3. Deciding Yolanda's short hair looks stunning but that she also lowkey looks like a gorge Thomas from Pocahontas
  4. Cuddling with a tiny, tiny dog
  5. Having a fitful night of sleep
  6. Drinking two office coffee machine cappuccinos
  7. Wearing Kylie Lip Kit in 22
  8. Staring into space
  9. Eating a bagel BLT
    No mayo, but with cheddar
  10. Drinking my weight in green tea
  11. Singing the chorus from Joan Osborne's "What if God Was One of Us" in my head on a constant loop
    Are there even verses to this song
  12. Moisturizing my cuticles
  13. Listing ™