Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I went to college in Scranton, PA
  2. And while I was there, The Office was v popular
  3. The Today Show announced it would host an "Office Convention" in Scranton
  4. This was 2007, and literally nothing happens in Scranton, so people were BEYOND excited
  5. Some of the stars of the show were to attend and Al Roker was to host the kick off at an ungodly hour.
  6. So my friends and I prepped hard. I made a beautiful sign in my CAD lab, plotted it on the plotter, and mounted it to foam core with care.
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    Here's a picture so you too can understand its glory.
  7. @bjnovak @mindy I'm not sure if you were there because after what happened next, I was too angry to stay
  8. Every student in town showed up, and everyone was psyched.
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    Everyone loved my poster. It had panache, it had glitter, it had everything.
  9. We took this picture with a Dwight superfan who clearly was avoiding some real life responsibilities
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    PS can we talk about how curly my hair was in college? I think it was the water there. Scranton is a strange place.
  10. Then Roker showed up and made his way through the crowd
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  11. When he finally got to the stage, he scanned the cheering masses
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  12. And then
  13. He pointed right at me and shouted, "Put that sign down!!"
  14. I was shocked. We were on national television and Al Roker was fucking yelling at me.
    I made sure he was talking to me and he acted so exasperated, as if I should've known ahead of time that he hated artistic expression.
  15. So I put the poster down
  16. But then the crowd started to boo!
    Like I said, they all loved this poster!
  17. I held my head high knowing that I had the support of the community, marched out of there and made a solemn vow:
  18. One day, I would find a way to embarrass Al on TV.
    An eye for an eye, Roker.
  19. 2016 Update: I'm still working on my revenge.
  20. Updated update: thank you list app for all the love! You guys made my day and slightly eased the pain of this mortifying memory 💕