Reasons I don't like you at all

  1. You're a follower and can't make choices
  2. You're fake
  3. You insult me
  4. You aren't doing things you're interested in
  5. You don't want to expand your boundaries
  6. You can't compliment me or say nice things about me
  7. You use weird lingo
  8. You reveal too much about yourself
  9. You can't see that people are crazy
  10. You have shitty taste
  11. You make me feel unimportant
  12. You have no gauge of what's going on
  13. You lie to me
  14. You're uncultured
  15. You're apathetic
  16. You don't like to dance
  17. Of all the people you follow you never follow me
  18. You make me smile when you dance or laugh
  19. You know everything about me
  20. You make an effort to remember everything
  21. You have a short temper
  22. All you want to do is smoke
  23. You never ask me to do things
  24. What's the difference from what's happening now