Favourite Sauces

  1. McDonald's Sweet & Sour Sauce
    totally worthy of being first on my list. kinda like a dirty little secret.. #guiltpleasures #nuggetsFTW ! 🍟
  2. Creamy Mushroom Sauce
    this is a weakness. can't say no. won't say no. on burgers, with rib eye steak, with pasta #YUM 🍔
  3. Kewpie (Japanese) maYO!
    ah man, all the umami goodness! also comes in the best squeezy bottle. 🍣
  4. Heinz Tomato Sauce
    the old favourite. come on who doesn't love tomato sauce?!! must be on the side. pet hate are people who squeeze it all over their fries / food. 🍅
  5. that Japanese chilli oil
    forgot the name. @DawnCloud will remember... literally ups the game of any bowl of soup noodle 🍜