1. currently : jools oliver's minus nine and one.
    is that old school? found it for R15 at a bookshop on saturday and looked like a fun, easy read. personally love a memoir. personally dislike the cover. #dontjudgeabookbyitscover #cheapaschips
  2. currently : the third plate by dan barber
    such a nugget and interesting read. reading it in small doses though. weakness for all food writing. this one's from the sister in london.
  3. the pearl by john steinbeck.
    won't lie. bought it for the beaut of a cover. ended up reading it in a day and so loved the writing. also a few good life lessons in there. do yourself a favour.
  4. the cross and the switchblade by david wilkerson
    wilkerson's incredible testimony / story of the street gangs in brooklyn and harlem, new york. "i'm a mainliner, preacher. there's no hope for me - not even in God." this one is power. #SameGod
  5. the goldfinch by donna tartt
    great, memorable characters and such good writing. felt so much. the safe, the pristine, the grit, the comfort, the chaos, the longing, the brokenness, the hope.
  6. all the light we cannot see
    no photo of this one but only cause i was so quick to recommend it and pass it onto a friend. Absolute best fiction read i've read in along while. so beautiful. girl protagonist is blind and the writer makes you feel, smell and hear everything.