My Very Worst Foods

  1. coriander
    quite sure i inherited this dislike, but sticking to it none the less.
  2. peppers
    this is top of the yuck foods. just so loud and so demanding of your taste buds. would be lucky to be able taste any other ingredient in your food.
  3. marzipan
    love love almonds but this is a no go!
  4. cauliflower
    yup i dared to add it. pretending to be rice and pizza... identity issues much?
  5. pecans
    makes my mouth feel weird.. is that strange?
  6. fennel
    worst is finding this hidden in breads. just too. much. flavour. and it reminds me of aniseed (next up)
  7. aniseed
    don't be fooled by it's pretty starry exotic look. it's gross.