1. tokyo has the most Michelin stars than any other city. - KCRW Good Food 🌟
  2. you can make meringues using chickpea juice and sugar. the structure of the juice is very similar to egg whites. a bit gross (who isn't grossed out by bean juice?!) but apparently a real thing. #mustbeaveganthing - Spilled Milk
  3. Japanese McDonald's cook their fries in beef fat 🍟 - KCRW Good Food
  4. michael pollan doesn't get invited to dinner parties. too intimidating. what would you even cook?! - The Sporkful
  5. putting tomatoes and cucumbers on top of eachother on a sandwich is breaking sarmie rules. they will slip out when you bite into it. you need friction between ingredients to keep it intact. 🍅
  6. google's order to their executive chef, Charlie ayers was to make / do whatever he needed to to keep employers at work - comfort food, dinners, outrageous daily food selection, live performances by celebrity artists. he's now consulting for Facebook and all the other big guns. - BBC Food Chain
  7. a hotdog is technically a sandwich and used to be called a 'hotdog sandwich' 🌭
  8. Google "The Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist" - 6 million pounds of maple syrup were stolen at a time when it was worth 13 times more than crude oil. - Gastropod
  9. nut theft is a real thing. usually a truck load at at one time worth half million $s. cheese and cherries are also popular stolen foods. - Gastropod
  10. fortune cookies are actually Japanese.
  11. automats (today's vending machine) was a thing as far back as the 30s. - BBC Food Chain
  12. Broccoli isn't real.
    Broccoli is a result of careful breeding of cultivated leafy cole crops in the northern Mediterranean starting in about the 6th century BC. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broccoli
    Suggested by @DawnCloud