1. Veterinarian
    Kindergarten thru (prob) fourth grade. Still wouldn't mind it. Animals = ♥️
  2. Butterfly keeper
    First grade after watching a caterpillar go through metamorphosis (p cool). I'm not sure if I wanted to be a butterfly keeper or a butterfly
  3. A Wolf
    Like an actual wolf with my best friend, Andrea. We would be named Killer and Growler and I don't know who was named which this was in first or second grade
  4. Not a dancer
    This was sometime between first and fourth grade I think. I did it for a few years but I didn't like it. My parents wanted me to. I started getting anxiety and stopped dancing
  5. Teacher
    First and second grade, my teachers Mrs. Zietlow and Mrs. VanStratt (respectively) were awesome and Mrs. VanStratt said my name in a cool way
  6. Model
    Third grade, this was after I saw my first grown up magazine (not highlights "magazine")
  7. Harvard Law Student
    Fourth grade, until my math teacher told me I wasn't smart enough
  8. Model (again)
    This was fifth grade, not feeling smart, and having my first "real" boyfriend
  9. My math and history teacher, Mrs. Pridgeon
    She was the first Asian influence I had outside of my family and she was so strong of a woman. She taught me in sixth grade and she was happy and she was powerful and she was kind. She had a tattoo on either her back or her ankle and I remember thinking it was so cool. I wanted to be just like her. She passed away from pancreatic cancer when I was in seventh or eighth grade. It still would be cool to be like her
  10. Not a swimmer
    I used to swim competitively and I used to love it. Then at some point I started hating it and I wanted to quit. At one of my meets when I was doing my best yet, I was disqualified from my favorite event because they said I didn't touch the wall right. I quit that day, in seventh grade
  11. Teacher (again)
    My seventh grade English teacher was also my seventh grade boyfriend's mom and she was so cool. I got to see her outside of class and I wanted to be a teacher because of the kind of person she was.
  12. Chef
    Eighth grade we went to a career center and we all got to try these different career paths. I really liked the idea of being a chef. I took cooking classes when I was younger too so I felt skilled already. This lasted through my senior year
  13. Cosmetologist
    Also when we went to the career center I tried the cosmetology and it was so cool. I imagined being able to do my own hair and makeup every day super fancy this lasted about eighth grade through summer after ninth grade.
  14. Done with school
    I was so stressed in ninth grade and looking back I really should've had a therapist. I never went to school and I never did my homework but in high school they don't let you know how it impacts your graduation until it's pretty much too late
  15. Chef (again/still)
    I was hell bent on being a chef in tenth grade and I told everyone I was going to "go to culinary school in Colorado and open my own restaurant". This was my response to "what do you want to do?" for the rest of high school
  16. Teacher (again)
    In addition to wanting to be a chef in eleventh grade, I also wanted to be a teacher. I did a "LINKS" program at my school where I worked with special needs students and that was when I wanted to do special needs education
  17. How the hell should I know?
    Senior year my only focus was to graduate with my class. I was so behind in credits and I had no clue anymore what I wanted to do
  18. An English teacher for high schoolers
    I'm now in college pursuing my career as an English teacher. I was told I should pick a minor but idk yet what else I want to do