1. Static
    I think it would be interesting to see how debby deals with all the hate and the bullshit that people have to say, she is an incrediby strong women and I actually need to be stronger myself. Also, what does sushi taste like? No, because I'm Allergic to seafood so...
  2. Going on tour, travelling the world, meeting new people, seeing new things and fighting to do what I love. That would be pretty rad. Senpai teach me how to become a sass master.
  3. Static
    For the Mario Kart skills and the beard obviously 💁 Also, I've always wondered what it was like to be a dude.
  4. Static
    Drummer inspiration right dere, right dere and so I can finally be able to play the Lane Boy solo without hitting myself in the face with a drumstick.
  5. My dog
    Not exactly a person, HOWEVER all she does is sleep all day, eat and ocasionally plays with her rubber ducky. HOW CHILL IS THAT