It does look pretty tempting but I'm not going to fall for it
  1. I never was into pokémon and I'm not going to start now
  2. My phone has enough games
  3. If I did, I would be even more antisocial
  4. I really don't want to die by falling off a cliff or getting crushed by a car
  5. I would use up all my data in a day
  6. My parents would probably just yell at me for constantly being on my phone
  7. The only pokémon I know is Pikachu
    I know, pathetic 😂
  8. My phone would probably die in less than 2 hours
  9. It's actually becoming an issue because non of my friends are willing to communicate WITHOUT bringing up this topic
    "So how are yo-" "DUDE OMG I JUST CAUGHT A PIKACHU"
  10. I know absolutely NOTHING about pokémons
    Except that some of them are cute