Top 5 male golfers by physical attractiveness

Ok, ok I will only do this if you respect my taste in men. This may not be the most popular list, but it's from the heart so please do not judge me. In no particular order...
  1. Craig Stadler
    A.k.a Craig Studler. This larger than life aquatic mammal has the physique, mustache, and style to make any lady blush. In truth, if you have a Green's like fishing with dynamite anyway.
  2. Duffy Waldorf
    This trail - blazer is known as being one of the pioneers of fashion on the PGA tour. His impeccable fashion sense was a stark contrast from his actual golf game, which was wildly mediocre. But who else can get people to use the adverb "wildly" when describing their mediocrity? Duffy can, that's who.
  3. Jim Furyk
    Most attractive or most attractive swing? Either's something only a mother could love.
  4. Arnold Palmer
    Best looking golfer whether it is sarcastic or not, he makes the list every. single. time. Also, shout out to by far the best signature ever, and it's not even close.
  5. John Daly
    The most interesting man in PGA tour history. Often imitated, never duplicated. J.D. became a household name at Crooked Stick and never looked back. He will be missed. Wait he's not dead? Well he should be...and that makes him even sexier.