Things you must must do in Lima

  1. Shopping: Caminos Del Inka
    Go there it's a market. Get cool stuff: Specifically: buy scarfs. They are very thick and almost a shall. But perfect for NY winter!! They are s/. 30 (they'll say different prices everywhere, that is what you should pay) made of Alpaca. Buy a bunch bring them home for your friends/ family. You'll be glad you did when you get home
  2. Make sure to eat: ANTICUCHOS, ceviche, Lomo Saltado. Those are the absolute classics. Then soup, chupe de camarones, do it. Seco, very good. Aji de gallina, eat a lot of ají. The corn there has very big kernels, it's amazing, comes with ceviche. Potatoes originate in PERU, there are over 2k varieties, be sure to eat some purple ones.
  3. Fruit:
    Lucuma is te best fruit ever. But you are not eating the fruit, some people describe it as a cross between a peach and a mango, with a powdery feel. But you are not going to eat the fruit, get things of that flavor. Lucuma ice cream (ABSOLUTELY MUST) lucuma yogurt, etc
  4. Fruit: chirimoya
    It's green on the outside and mildly sweet flavored white 'meat.'
  5. Fruit: maracúya
    It's basically passion fruit. But it's my favorite Spanish word and also a great icecream
  6. Drinks
    Pisco, it's a liquor. It will "get you there" do pisco sours or pisco and ginger ale. But preferible pisco sours.
  7. Drink chicha morada
    Made of purple corn cinnamon and other spices. Said to be a special drink of the inkas, powerful, etc. It's a very good decision.
  8. Café bisette
  9. Go to Barranco
    It's become the "hipster" neighborhood. Arty, etc. There you will find puente de los suspiros. Go there. Nearby is a square, and you will find a all black Starbucks. Skip it and go to Cafe Bisettee like 4 stores over. Very very nice coffee, i think they even have cold brew
  10. On the same street is Museo Pedro de Osama.
    I think they have a Mario Testino show, or Italian fashion designer. Worth it.
  11. Restaurants: seafood at Punto Azul in Monterrico, this is chorrillos a la Chalaca. Do this.
  12. Also,
    Peruvian Limes are different than regular limes. Limonada is often a choice drink. Again, it's not just lemonade. It's totally Peruvian, and you'll like it.
  13. Restaurants: La Red
    Is a fancy place with HUGE portions. Go with a friend, or ask for half togo before they even plate it for you.
  14. Amor Amar
    Also fancy.
  15. Dessert
    Alfajores: different that Argentinian Alfajores, a must
  16. Dessert: Susprio Limeña