Cusco is all about churches. There are so many churches.
  1. Temple of the sun
    It's called Qorikancha. It's the best. Get a guide they are super informative. And there is so much you will want to know
  2. Guides for temple of the sun
    Immediately outside of the temple. They will be negotiable guides. One woman outside with the guides, has written an amazing informative and easy to read picture filled book of the Inkas and Machu Pichu. Check it out, Flip through it, buy it? I did. I love it!
  3. Chicha
    This restaurant rules! Gaston is a celebrity chef the food is so good in a beautiful plaza and you can step outside on the balcony and take beautiful pictures the restaurant is on the second floor.
  4. The best market
    Here is where I got all my scarfs!! There are a bunch of other souvenirs too. Cusco is the better place to shop.
  5. Please be sure to
    Eat a rocoto relleno. It's spicy in the best way.