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Please explain this gum to me.
  1. I bought this in a candy store in St John's NL.
    Just for the description.
  2. Why does it taste like soap?
    And why is this a selling point?
  3. Has anyone tried it?
    If so, does it really taste like soap?
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Daves that I've been asked about, compared to, or that I like.
  1. ... 's not here.
    The main reason I never got too deep into Cheech and Chong is that I heard that line more often during high school (no pun intended) and college than I can count.
  2. Jones
    Hey, hey, he's a Monkee. And a Davy. But I liked Peter Tork and Michael Nesmith better.
  3. The movie
    Kevin Kline made us Daves look pretty good.
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I didn't realize until I created this how much I hated the foods of my childhood.
  1. Spam
    When my dad and step mom decided my older sisters and I were old enough to not need a babysitter, they went out a lot. And they put my sisters in charge of dinner. The only thing I remember them making was sliced spam, baked with a dollop of ketchup on it. I hated it after like the third time.
  2. Catalina dressing
    One of my go-to after school snacks was carrots and celery dipped in Catalina. Until my step mom decided she didn't want to make snacks anymore.
  3. Pink Panther Flakes
    Basically frosted flakes with pink dye. My step mom got a deal on a couple cases. And even though I loved my sugary cereals, I got tired of this stuff really fast.
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  1. Users share their favorite cobbling tools.
  2. Users ask for directions. Please hurry.
  3. Pictures and names of people users have thought about while masturbating.
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But I don't really listen to Taylor Swift.
  1. 1959
    A modern year in a modern font.
  2. Hanson Fitness
  3. P.B. CO
    She's a brick house.
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  1. Ribbity
  2. Croaker
  3. Ole Slimy
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  1. Becasue
  2. It seemed like a good idea
  3. Just following orders
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