The Other Dave

Daves that I've been asked about, compared to, or that I like.
  1. ... 's not here.
    The main reason I never got too deep into Cheech and Chong is that I heard that line more often during high school (no pun intended) and college than I can count.
  2. Jones
    Hey, hey, he's a Monkee. And a Davy. But I liked Peter Tork and Michael Nesmith better.
  3. The movie
    Kevin Kline made us Daves look pretty good.
  4. ... and Buster's
    I've never been. I don't even think I've even seen one.
  5. Bowie, Lee Roth, and Cassidy
    Rock stars (the last is -ish) but they all use the full name. Listed in descending order of glam. And please forgive my lack of Photoshop skills.
  6. ... 's Killer Bread
  7. Letterman
    I'd still love him the same even if he didn't share my name