Words & Numbers

  1. 1959
    A modern year in a modern font.
  2. Hanson Fitness
  3. P.B. CO
    She's a brick house.
  4. G839/7.6mm Grenade
  5. Burglar Alarm
    Honk honk honk.
  6. Parking
  7. Johnny Utah
    You're sayin' the FBI's gonna pay me to learn to surf?
  8. 5 Gallons
    No wonder I'm thirsty.
  9. drinkn' beer
    makes me forget vowels.
  10. Aquarium
    This is the dawning of the age of...
  11. Add Bardahl
    Old Ballad lives.
  12. Eat
    That's an order.
  13. Oottat
    Autocorrect changed it to Potatoe. Thanks, Dan Quayle.
  14. Clepto
    Glowing in the sun.
  15. Bar
    Glowing in the dark.
  16. Olympia
  17. Cat Food
    Cat food.