Coffee Shops of Grand Rapids

There are a multitude of of coffee shops in GR and it can be overwhelming so here's a for your convenience ☕️ [more will be added as I visit them]
  1. Starbucks
    Surprise - we have them here too. Good study environment (generally) and you know what you are getting because the coffee process there consists of pushing buttons - but what you are getting is crap compared what you could get somewhere else. My advice? Go elsewhere for Pete's sake
    Native to the Midwest it's better than Starbucks (they actually have hand to coffee bean contact) but it has a very similar feel. Just choose somewhere else IMO
  3. Dunkin' Donuts
    Only plus side: iced coffee. Might as well use the drive thru window and drink it at the beach
  4. Ferris Nut & Co.
    Great atmosphere. Modern vibe with cool coffee apparatuses not to mention the added nut shop inside! Unfortunately you pay for the environment more than the tastiness of the coffee. So if you need to hunker down and get work done and you don't mind spending and arm and a leg on mediocre coffee this is the place to go.
  5. Sparrows
    Super cozy little place with great coffee and a variety of delicious latte combos. Great for a coffee date or to catch up with friends but not the best place for studying (simply not enough room at tables for it plus it tends to be crowded). Music is not bad either. I'd say this is the marijuana of coffee shops - the gateway coffee but you know there's better stuff out there.
  6. Wealthy/Hall Street Bakery
    Two different locations for a consistent quality of coffee and food between the two. Superb food (gluten free options for all my homies) and their coffee isn't bad either! Makes for a good combo and it's decently priced for what you're getting. Hall street is more quiet and out of the way so I'd say better for studying but Wealthy is better for more social occasions.
  7. Rowsters {ROE-sters}
    The most amazing drip coffee I've ever had. Not a lot of variety when it comes to espresso + milk combos but so many different types of pour overs it'll have your head spinning. Tables are kinda small but if you really need the room usually there's space at the (two) bar areas. If I say I'm going to a coffee shop there's a v high chance I'm headed here. The one and only downfall is the music - it's inconsistent and the past couple times it's only played popular radio music. 10/10 would recommend
  8. Lyon Street Cafe
    If I'm not at Rowsters then I'm here. I have yet to try a brew but have never been disappointed with their lattes. Unfortunately small and has a tendency to be crowded but well worth making the effort. Staff is super friendly and they have fantastic snacks with a bakery right next to it that's owned by the same people. Honestly a great environment for any and every occasion.
  9. Madcap
    It has a similar vibe to Ferris but slightly more hipster-modern. I have only been once and honestly was not the biggest fan of the coffee but so many friends of mine absolutely love it there so I'm willing to give it a second chance and just say they had bad espresso when I had a taste. Parking is a pain (as its downtown) but the aesthetic is fantastic.
  10. Global Infusion
    Quiet, fair trade, hippy atmosphere that is hard to pass up. This place has teas upon teas upon teas (which are some of the best loose-leaf teas I've had the pleasure of coming into contact with) but their coffee often then goes without the appreciation it's due. They have organic homemade syrups (their chocolate is heavenly) and their espresso goes through a cold brew processing that really brings the flavor out of the beans. I am a massive fan and it's the kind of place you love to support.
  11. Le Bon Macaroon
    Very chic and more well known for their macaroons no doubt but pairing one of their delicious salted caramel macaroons with a double shot of their best espresso (which, come to think of it, comes from Madcap so I'll give credit to where it's due) is just delightful. $2 per macaroon may seem expensive but it's worth trying out once (especially coupled with great weather after a stressful day)
  12. Mari Catrib's {MAH-rie cah-TREEB's}
    Not known for its coffee and it's a restaurant so you have to sit and get something to eat but this is BY FAR my favorite place to eat in all of Grand Rapids. They have the most amazing gluten free bread and almost everything on their menu can be adapted to any diet (gluten free raw vegan? Not a problem). The reason why they are on this is because they have a fantastic cinnamon brew that is to die for with free refills - truly a godsend for ya gurl.
  13. FishHouse
    Great for on campus and I won't bash my own place of work but some times are better than others to go for the best coffee, lattes, music, and service. HINT: it's when I'm working there
  14. Kava House
    RIP to this beautiful heaven of a coffee shop. Good coffee, great study environment. Unfortunately it was closed down (a moment please for the fallen) but rumor has it Rowsters is buying it and creating a new branch that sounds like more of a food + coffee place *fingers crossed*