As a driver I frequent these often
  1. BP
    I may be slightly biased since my dad works for BP (post oil spill thank you very much) and so every time you use one you are supporting my college education.
  2. Speedway
    Mainly used for their slushies and fiddy-twos but not a bad atmosphere... unless it's Halloween...
  3. Shell
    Worse version of BP tbh. Might as well use the original
  4. Chevron
    The WOAT - I can speak from experience that they always end up in the best compounds overseas (only slightly jealous)
  5. Marathon
    V. Close to Calvin so probably the one I go to most (sorry dad)
  6. Exxon mobil
    Do these exist? Idk
  7. ConocoPhillips
    Now I'm just naming companies that my friends' parents work for
  8. Giphy