She's the fucking worst
  1. She'll always do shit for you
    I'm sorry- did I ask you to wash my dishes? Fuck off
  2. She uses photos against you
    Why the hell would you put a super artsy/cute/well taken photo of me/you and me on your ig account?!
  3. Her memes are the WOAT (worst of all time)
    I am constantly victim to her hilarious and creative memes. Honestly wtf
  4. She has no sense of personal space
    In a bad mood? Well this fucker never fails to spoon (and isn't completely terrible at it)
  5. She's butt ugly
    I want to swim in her beautiful blue eyes but does she cover them up? Never. Wear two eyepatches - fucking inconsiderate if you ask me.
  6. She has crap music taste
    No I don't want to jam to your stupid "Monster" song. Let me fucking play camp rock for once
  7. She has the nerve to give advice
    Stop always being right - what are you? My mother?! #gotem
  8. She thinks she's the shit
    Unfortunately she's right (as said previously) but she fucking humble about it.
  9. She is too funny for her own damn good
    "Please stop I'm crying" are not unusual words to hear when she's in the area but she never does. Heartless.
  10. She won't leave me alone
    I can't go through my friend drama, boy problems, my parents' divorce, or facing my own insecurities without this joker always being there for me.
  11. I hate her
    I love you @WheelingBec
  12. Giphy