It's amazing. On par with the Lego Movie imo.
  1. Ginnifer Goodman
    Ever seen Once Upon a Time? Anywho I loved her in that and she does a fantastic job as a bunny.
  2. Creative Names
    Judy Hops, Nick Wilde, Flash (the sloth) etc. it was expected but it really adds.
  3. Unpredictable
    My first thoughts "wow this is only going to be about how she has a hard time making it through school" SPOILER: it is not. It's not like there are any super crazy surprises but it's different enough, I think.
  4. Predictable
    So you may not have smelled something fishy when you first see Nick in the candy shop with his "kid" but once you know that's not a child you also know his voice is going to be deep. And you know mr. Big is going to be tiny. But it's great- lets you focus on the more important parts.
  5. Music
    "Try Everything" is for sure going on my workout playlist (thank you Shakira)
  6. Addresses Racism
    In such a beautiful way. You know right away that it's going to touch on it with the whole fox-hate thing and it made me cringe a bit because I had no idea where it would lead. Also can I just say the only-bunnies-call-bunnies-cute was a great addition. I could talk so much more on this but just know it was better than great. (We're there things they could've done to make it even better? Yes, but the positives out way the negatives)
  7. Nick and Judy's Relationship
    They are such homies it's great. Favorite example is when she goes to him crying and he records her saying she's a dumb bunny but they have a super cute moment after that. They say that they love each other at the end but I refuse to think of it as a lover love because that would ruin it. They have a beautiful friendship and that's that.
  8. The Jerk Mayor goes to Jail
    Nobody likes him and you kinda worry that he stays in power somehow but he ended up behind bars (v nice that he wasn't the mastermind - not that the assistant was a massive surprise)
  9. Flash + Duke Weaselton
    The whole DMV scene was painfully relatable but with a super cute twist. Then Duke Weaselton alludes back to Frozen but also he sells pirated DVDs that are all Disney with punny titles.
  10. Nudist Club
    Hilarious. Also somehow made me slightly uncomfortable (anyone else?)
  11. Well Done
    10/10 would recommend