1. Black Sabbath - Supernaut
    Even if you are not interested in heavy metal, you need to listen to this song. It's fucking great. In fact, just buy Vol.4; the album where the song is from.
  2. Foo Fighters - Good Grief
    Go on YouTube and listen to this song right now. I'm not kidding.
  3. Odd Future - Hcapd
    I have no idea what the title means; but this song is sick. Great beat and Domo Genesis' flow is crazy.
  4. Dead Prez - Hip Hop
    I first heard this song in skate 1 and I've listened to it ever since then.
  5. Otis Redding - Security
    👌. I'm not even using that thing ironically.
  6. Outkast - Slump
    Big Boi's flow on this track makes it an excellent song to chill out to.
  7. Here's a funny picture for you.