Stuff I Found Whilst Cleaning Out My Garage, Pt. 3

We're in the home stretch, but still some more to do
  1. My Kick.Com Offer Letter
    The first time I made real, livable money. I did okay at Sega, but this went the extra mile. This is the second offer letter, the first one had a typo that offered me hundreds of thousands of dollars more.
  2. The Hellions *Greatest Hits* Cassette
    The Hellions were my best friend in 8-9th Grade's band. He was a drummer, a heavy metal drummer. All the songs were recorded on a cheap jam box sitting on top of a guitar amp that the guitarist/singer sang directly into. They were a 2 piece. Today, this might be considered a lo-fi classic. All lyrics about Satan & sex, as only 13-14 yr old metal heads can do.
  3. A promo photo for The Brian Setzer Orchestra
    Still in the FedEx envelope in which it was sent.
  4. Emerson Lake & Palmer's *Brain Salad Surgery* On Vinyl
    Gatefold cover, bitches!
  5. Receipts
    A bunch of these were for CDs, I think they sold them as a loss-leader for a bit
  6. CD Receipts
    I was in an 80s synth pop mood this day.
  7. The Beastmaster on VHS
    As God intended. This was a White Elephant Party gift.
  8. My Breakfast With Blassie On VHS
    This is a great movie, but you kind of need to be a wrestling fan, knowledgeable of Andy Kaufman's career and have seen "My Dinner With Andre" to get it all.
  9. My 1st Year, 1st Quarter In College Meal Card
    Fave meal: grilled cheese & tomato soup.
  10. The Kelly Family "Fell In Love With An Alien" VHS
    Former MTV VJ Alan Hunter did an infomercial for the family band of euro-hippies. You could get the vid for free, so I did.
  11. 2nd Gen IPod With Headpones, FireWire Cord & Remote Control Headphone Extention
    There's a lot of good mashups on this iPod. And I always liked this remote, I've never been able to master the # of clicks needed to do something on the newer earphones.
  12. iPod Box
    Sooo much packaging back then.
  13. Melissa Auf Du Mar's Solo Album
    The dream of the 90s is alive in my garage.
  14. TaeBo Workout VHS
    Two of them!