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Because my mom and dad are the "cool" parents.
  1. Sending random voice messages
    Parents text you. Parents forget to close their messages when they're done. Parents, then, send you a thirty second voice message of their phones rustling around in their purse/pocket or making their lunch order.
  2. Use their speaker function at the most inappropriate times
    My "cool" mom is notorious for this. Watching a tv show/movie with the family? Sounds like the perfect time to answer a phone call on speaker. Because, of course, I'd rather hear you talk about me to my aunts than listen to the show I've been dying to watch ALL week. and, by all means . . . PLEASE turn the speaker volume all the way up.
  3. Take forever to figure out how to use their camera
    they start asking you questions before hitting the record button. or take blurry pictures that often have you wondering if they are overdue for an eye exam.
  4. Try to use the zoom function on things you can't zoom on.
    "Hey mom . . . look at this pic."
The sights and sounds
  1. The Airport
    Organized chaos. Don't be in a rush to get your visa or luggage. But, do move with a sense of urgency when you're up next, if that makes any sense. Once out of the airport, there will be a litany of ppl ready to help you out (i.e. load your luggage or taxi you to your next destination) for a few dollars. Choose wisely.
  2. The Roads
    Traffic rules, be damned. It's best to get a local driver. I know, I know. You like adventure. But, do you want to live to tell about it? Then, leave the driving to the experts. Their ability to weave in and out of lanes, while saying hi to their friend in another car and not hitting a few pedestrians who use the road like a side walk is IMPRESSIVE; and to best view this is from the back seat of their car.
  3. Accommodations
    Let me tell you one thing . . . the house that I'm staying in is definitely one to write home about. Three stories, walk in closet, four or five bedrooms, beautiful living room and dining room, one modern kitchen and one traditional kitchens, jacuzzi tub, beautiful stand alone showers, etc. It looks like they transplanted a home from California and placed it right in the heart of Addis. This is the Africa they don't show you.
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a saga that spans over 30 plus years.
  1. 1.
    a Queen is born.
    my grand entrance into this world.
  2. 2.
    Each Swan Has A Back Story
    back then you didn't want me . . . ( see: the growing pains)
  3. 3.
    Pump Your Brakes.
    No, really. PUMP your BRAKES! We're about to hit a . . .
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five "random" photos. i mean, how random are they really, if i'm picking them? whatever.
  1. popcorn as prepared by fadia kader.
    i'm an aspiring foodie.
  2. my weekly mantra.
    no weapon formed against me.
  3. concerning black girls.
    i'm personally invested in the subject matter.
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nothing like a woman in a suit.
  1. black is the mood.
  2. because color is ok . . . sometimes.
  3. New Year's Eve.
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these are the muses to the aesthetic of the "unfriendly black hottie." 📝
  1. Naomi Campbell
    i know i said this list was in no particular order but i have to start with Queen Supreme. she's really the epitome.
  2. Rihanna
    rude gyal. one time for the bajan princess who gives no f.cks.
  3. Kelis
    i hate you so much right now. the rainbow tresses. avant garde fashion sense. be still, my icy heart.
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