these are the muses to the aesthetic of the "unfriendly black hottie." 📝
  1. Naomi Campbell
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    i know i said this list was in no particular order but i have to start with Queen Supreme. she's really the epitome.
  2. Rihanna
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    rude gyal. one time for the bajan princess who gives no f.cks.
  3. Kelis
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    i hate you so much right now. the rainbow tresses. avant garde fashion sense. be still, my icy heart.
  4. Eartha Kitt
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    polyglot. singer. dancer. catwoman. badass. you thought this was a new thing? unfriendly black hotties have been flourishing for years.
  5. The Compton Clovers
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    pop that thang for a real one. my first lesson in cultural appropriation, tbh.