1. Beautiful and thin girl who has a large collection of skincare products, lives life of leisure, treats herself to xanax, klonopin, weed, often (there is no need for adderall-this girl has no need to work hard ever). Buys bedsheets at Nordstrom.
  2. Cosmopolitan woman who shows promise and is on track for a promotion at her economics-related job which she is very passionate about. Takes train to work everyday, drinks iced latte comped from work. Dates a few men several nights a week. Organized apartment in trendy neighborhood near downtown. Very smooth and straight hair.
  3. "Mom friend" girl who is very responsible, carries every single thing you could possibly need in her purse, reaches in front of you to stop you if you try to j-walk in front of her.
  4. Care free teen girl in summer before college. Tan. Sees friends or boys every day, has easy art-related part time job. Indulges often. Reads a lot of books about the Kennedys and americana.