1. Tuesday evening: alcohol. Got in car, dad handed me a Kleen Kanteen of a martini he premade for me at his house.
  2. Tuesday night: marijuana. My father was mistaken for my sugar daddy on a house boat party for rich retirees, we had to smoke out to survive that. Was also offered coke but declined.
  3. Tuesday night: Lunesta and trazodone. To sleep. Prescription.
  4. Wednesday morning: Wellbutrin. Anti depressant. Prescribed.
  5. Wednesday mid day: caffeine. Pill form. Not conducive to insomnia but I needed it because I had to move heavy art installation pieces at work all day.
  6. Wednesday evening: Lunesta. Consumed around 9pm, I took a wan around my neighborhood and enjoyed the benzo-like relaxing high it gives me before putting me to sleep.