1. This is a sign in front of a photography studio that has sat empty for a few years and was recently torn down.
  2. This is the opposite side of the same sign.
  3. This is the stump of a wonderful tree that sat behind my job. They removed the tree recently, much to my extreme disappointment.
  4. This is that same tree several months earlier.
  5. I pass this set of stairs in a concrete wall on the road to my job every morning. I thought it looked unique.
  6. My ear.
  7. I have no idea what these are, but it was kinda awesome so I took a photo of it.
  8. Dirty blackboard at the hospital. I took a bunch of photos like these and use them as wallpapers on my phone and computer.
  9. One more. This was on the ground at the gas station while I was putting air in a tire. It is much smaller than the photo makes it out to be.