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I've been writing down resolutions for quite a few years, and some things show up a lot
  1. Exercise more!
  2. Eat better!
  3. Write more!
5 more...
  1. While eating Raisin Bran
    This was the first tooth I ever lost and I kind of almost ate it.
  2. While swimming at the community pool
    I was about to jump off the diving board when my dad comes running towards me from the other side of the pool. "Don't jump in!" he yelled. I was confused. Turns out one of my teeth had just come out and it was on my chin. How he saw that from all the way across the pool, I'll never understand.
  3. Pulled out at the dentist
    A few of my teeth had to be pulled to make room in my mouth for ones growing in. They numbed my mouth, but it still hurt so much and I was told my screaming could be heard from down the hall.
  1. Lolita
  2. Nineteen Eighty-Four
  3. Jane Eyre
    I really need to read this
3 more...
Because they're cute& adorable
  1. 🌸
  2. 🐳
  3. 🌿
11 more...
  1. Nutella!
  2. College Basketball
  3. Driving
8 more...
I would definitely try to take more than three though.
  1. Survivor
    First of all, everyone is on an island, so it would be relatable, and there are so many seasons it would take a while to exhaust :) plus it never gets old
  2. Friends
    Great, familiar, comic relief. 10 seasons means lots of episodes to watch :)
  3. Gilmore Girls
    Comedy, drama, Stars Hollow... Can't get enough.