9 Types of Noses, and What They Mean

  1. The Hooked
    You're quite classic and traditional, and maybe a little too stern. Have some fun, yeah?
  2. The Droopy
    You're like, the human version of Eeore. Stop moping around, love!
  3. The Aquiline
    You might be a Disney villain. Just maybe.
  4. The Roman
    You're that one really loud sneezer, aren't you? You sound like a trumpet. Stop getting sick.
  5. The Grecian
    Why do you eat so many olives? It's kind of weird. Please stop. No seriously your pockets are oily from the olives it is gross.
  6. The Button
    You're childish and make quick decisions that almost always lead you into really shitty situations.
  7. The Upturned
    Okay so you know that one really annoying kid in your second grade class who thought they were super smart but weren't? That's you.
  8. The Snub
    When you sleep, you snore so much you make the people around you want to take a bath with their favorite toaster.
  9. The Funnel
    You're that one character in every animation that everyone loves. Aw, your just too cute!