Inspired by @lilybeansmommy
  1. Domaine Drouhin's patio
    One of my favorite places in Oregon. I adore their wines, and I have a million pictures from various seasons of the view. My husband and I first visited on one of our first vacations together ages ago, and we have to go back every time we go to the Valley.
  2. Bistro 45
    I spent a summer working there with my husband before we moved to Portland. The owner is a close friend, and getting a glass of wine is required every time we go to McCall.
  3. The recliner in my son's room, especially if he's fallen asleep in my arms
    He's a year and a half now, but there is something absolutely magical about watching him drift off to sleep snuggled up against me. Also awesome: when he crawls up into my lap to read a book with me.
  4. Book + me + beverage + solitude
    Reading has always been important to me, but it became even more so when I used it in conjunction with an outstanding therapist to put myself back together from postpartum.
  5. Headed out on a road trip with this handsome fellow
    Destination may vary
  6. Our little patio
    Whether enjoying a glass of wine or beer and cheese, hanging with my little dude, or taking care of my container gardens of herbs and flowers, I love this place. It's not fancy, but it makes me happy.
  7. My parents' garden
    My mom had a market garden for a while, and I would help her get ready. Now, I just visit to help dig potatoes or pick delicious treats.
  8. Anywhere, really, with this kid
    I don't know how I got lucky enough to be this boy's mama, but I'm grateful. He's to the spontaneous hugs and kisses phase now, and I get a little teary every time he throws his arms around my neck.
  9. My classroom, especially when I realize I've created a safe space for my kids
    I teach 7th grade science in a very conservative district. I'm not, and I'm pretty visibly geeky to boot. Some days, I feel out of place, but other times, I realize I get to do something pretty amazing on a regular basis. I maintain that middle school is the best kept secret in education. It sucks to be a middle schooler, but your teachers are often one of the things to help you get through. I get to be that person every day.
  10. The Boise Farmer's Market
    Every Saturday, we visit our favorite vendors at Market, grab donuts at Guru Donuts, wander through the bookstore, and maybe hit the Record Exchange. It's a perfect start to the weekend. E gets a pretzel from Acme Bakeshop; we buy whatever Next Generation Organics has in season, pick up a ridiculous amount of fruit from Kelley Orchards, and maybe wait in line for strawberries from The Strawberry Lady.
  11. Rediscovered Books
    Boise's independent bookshop. I spend more money there than I care to admit, but I'm a sucker for all things book related, and they have the best staff.