I can't decide if this means I need to retire it or that my habit of drawing eyebrows on my son has been validated and must continue.
  1. I first decided to take an eyeliner pencil to my son's eyebrows when he was about three weeks old. It was every bit as entertaining as I thought it would be. After that, I repeated the activity whenever Birchbox sent me a pencil that seemed like it might work. I had done it a total of 5 times, and it always made me giggle.
  2. When I saw Stephen Colbert at the Republican National Convention dressed as Caesar Flickerman's cousin Julius, I knew I had to do another round of Baby Brows.
  3. I had both blue eyeliner and blue hairspray. It was meant to be! Toddler wrangling time! I ran out of spray before I could finish the job, but I got enough for an amusing photo.
  4. E wasn't excited to have his picture taken until I turned the camera front facing. He was happy with his new look.
  5. I posted a collage to my Instagram and tagged The Late Show for the heck of it.
  6. The next morning, I received a message from the social media producer asking if I would mind if they reposted the photo.
  7. Holy crap! That's my toddler mugging on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert's Instagram!
  8. Now I have an amusing anecdote for him when he is older and cringes when he sees the other photos of him as a toddler and infant with ridiculous eyebrows. ☺️