Aside from the all important stay in pajamas all day part.
  1. Inadvertently stay up until 1 AM visiting with neighbor friends. I'm still not sure how our evening flew by so quickly, but both my friend and I expected that we would call it a night around 10. This seemed an appropriate end to a year that was challenging but somehow marked by some of the most solid friendships of my adult life.
    When we lived in Portland, we had a couple friend that we adored. We still stay with them when we visit, but we've sorely missed them. After several years back in Boise, I carpooled with K after we made the connection that we had a mutual friend. She and her husband and 2 kids moved across the street from us over the summer, and it's pretty freaking awesome that we have neighbor parent friends so close. Fun fact: both Scott and I met 1/2 of the couple friends via carpool, and both are UNC grads.
  2. Continually poke my snoring husband in the back hoping to wake him up so that I might be able to fall asleep.
  3. Get up at 4:45 with my early bird one-year-old. Yawn.
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    "Why would you want to sleep, Mama?"
  4. Rock the kiddo back to sleep and take a nap with him at 6:30.
  5. Nap solo after he woke up until he pounded on the bedroom door screaming to find me.
  6. Movies, pajamas, and snuggles.
  7. Try not to giggle too hard as the toddler figured out using his new chair to climb on his step & play piano. So much climbing these days.
  8. Have a couple family dance parties.
  9. Read Trucks about 15 times. E has started bouncing by himself on the "Monster trucks bounce over rows of cars" page.
  10. Finally finish The Queen of the Tearling. It took several tries to get into the book, but once I finally did, I loved it.
  11. Clean up my Goodreads Currently Reading list and set my Reading Challenge of 30 books.
  12. Repurpose NYE's laser potatoes into a scramble. Breakfast for dinner is always a good idea.
  13. Rock the boy to sleep because I am a sucker for his snuggliness.
  14. Hear husband snoring loudly from the other room and decide to repeat the cycle of tired by starting The Shell Collector at 10 PM. Stupid head cold.