Outfits of August

significant outfits for dates when ships.
  1. Dinner in Montclair
    This was our last supper before Dad left
  2. Suicide Squad
  3. Philadelphia
    Chic but casual
  4. 8 Culture
    Awareness Apparel
  5. Out with Lady Latif
    Day before Mom left
  6. Wedding in PA
    Uncle Dan's daughter Mariam married Zak
  7. Sunrise Camp
    Last Day of Uniform. Although I missed the memo we didn't have to come in , in one.
  8. Car Towed
    Houstons alternator messed up, had to get towed to Morristown. Imzo came and picked me up for a day at Verona; then we ended up at ...I can't even remember. Oh Bourne movie!
  9. NYC Bus Tour
    Just lazy around NYC and got a bus tour. Meet some characters and ended the night with a limo ride!
  10. Dinner & Color Me Mine
    Im put this on his snapchat. He's too cute.
  11. Bitmoji
    It's my new obsession.