Show only. I don't consider the comics canon.
  1. Spike
    I hate that a rape plot line is the catalyst for his redemption arc, but I love them together. Their romance is kicked off in the musical episode, which is the greatest. I may be biased because James Marsters is definitely the most attractive.
  2. Angel
    He got so much more interesting on his own show. Their relationship doesn't really develop on camera, rather it is Gellar and Boreanazs' performances that really sell it. I do really like their chemistry. However, I hate and struggle to believe the way they broke up, but it was for the best for both of them.
  3. Riley Finn
    He's the human equivalent of cardboard and I hate the way he leaves the show. These things aren't really his fault, more a flaw in the whole commando storyline, easily the worst arc in the show. Him leaving meant Buffy and Spike could get together, which I am a fan of.
  4. Scott Hope
    He dumps Buffy right before the Homecoming dance. Also he tries to give her a claddagh ring extremely early in their relationship like a creep. What an asshole.
  5. Parker Abrams
    He led Buffy on, which is very uncool. He treats her like garbage after they sleep together, and Buffy spends far too many episodes trying to get over him (including Beer Bad, one of the worst episodes of television ever). He's one of the worst things about season 4, which is probably one of Buffy's worst seasons.