I've had glasses for 15 years. I love my glasses, but I'm a little salty about just how bad my eyes have become.
  1. People always want to try on your glasses to remark on how truly bad your eyesight is
    Like I didn't know that already, thanks
  2. You cannot buy glasses for less than $500
    And yeah, that's just for the lenses
  3. Your lenses are more than one centimeter thick
  4. If your glasses fall of the nightstand, you have to pull a Velma and tap around on the floor helplessly until you find them
  5. When not wearing glasses, you reach to adjust your glasses because you can't see
  6. You don't know what it is like to ride a roller coaster and be able to see what is happening
  7. You don't remember what it is like to be able to see in the shower
  8. If you lose your sunglasses, you can't pick up a cheap pair from Target
    You just lost one of the most expensive items you own. It would actually cost less to replace your phone. Smooth move, dumbass
  9. People talk about probably being able to get away with driving without their glasses and you just laugh
  10. It is not possible to correct your vision to 20/20, even with glasses. That's how bad it is
  11. When you put makeup on in the morning, your nose touches the mirror
    And it's still not close enough
  12. The eye doctor parades you around the office because your eyesight is SO BAD
    "She's a medical anomaly. Only 22 and her prescription is SO HIGH"
  13. When you put your glasses back on after cleaning them, it's like your vision has been upgraded to HD
  14. Even if you could fully correct your eyes with surgery, which may not be possible, glasses have become so tied to your identity that you feel exposed without them.
  15. You look better with glasses anyway.
    Basically everyone does, that's why people buy and wear prescriptionless glasses 😎