I'm sure there are more embarrassing moments, they are probably suppressed the depths of my subconscious....
  1. Grabbed another man's hand at the Panda exhibit at the zoo, thinking it was my Daddy's! #eek
  2. Fell sleep in English class in high school and passed gas (and woke myself up) when another student was giving a presentation. #wevealldoneit
  3. Had too much to drink at a work function and took the signs from the sushi bar that read "wasabi" and #ginger" and stuck them on my chestesses like those name badges. #inmytwenties
  4. Asked a woman at the beach in front of her son (probably age 8 or 9) how he was going to react to the new baby she was expecting. (Never again will I venture such a question no matter how confident I am in my powers of perception.) I had to walk away I was so #mortified