From the age of 10 to 18 I had an ever changing explosion of ideas of what I wanted to be when I grew up. Here are the top 5.
  1. Zoo Owner - age 10
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    Who doesn't want to own a zoo?!
  2. Homicide Detective - age 13
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    I read a lot of Batman and figured this was the closest I'd get to becoming the worlds greatest detective.
  3. Information Broker/International Weapons Dealer - age 15
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    I wanted the money and excitement that this career provided despite the real chance of getting caught and prison porked. I must of been going through some dark shit around this time.
  4. Private Investigator - Age 16
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    My neighbor was a private investigator and he let me work a case with him once (fraud case). I had a great time.
  5. Doctor - age 18
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    Got sick and spent a good deal of time in the hospital dealing with cancer among other things. Really realized how much I wanted to help others. Still working towards this goal today.