Favorite Apps

Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. Alright, it's been just few days since I read that article in the Guardian about @bjnovak, whom I don't really like that much, but the app reminded me of my childhood. As kids, we used to have notebooks where friends would answer structuralised questions, that looked like li.sts
  2. Tunein
    It gets really noisy in my office, so I like to plug into some music. Prefer radio over album, so the songs are more random. Listening to some French channel and trying to pick up some language
  3. Facebook
    It's not the same anymore for me, as I don't really post very personal stuff there (too many friends and family members), but still, it's my source of knowledge.
  4. Instagram
    Actually it's a love / hate relationship we have. It's a powerful marketing tool here in the Middle East, so I sort of have to use it.
  5. Whatsapp
    Subscribed to few broadcast and part of few groups. Again, very popular in the Middle East.
  6. Mail
    Forgot about this one. I am using the build in app.
  7. Messenger
    For whatever reason.
  8. Hangout
    For those less techy friends.
  9. Bestie
    I don't really take selfies much, but this one is sweet.
  10. Muslimy
    Just check it out and drop your comment.
  11. Omantel
    My mobile operator.
  12. BankMuscat
    My bank.