Inspired by @meg1
  1. Insomnia
    This is how it starts for me. I just can't sleep (4 am now).
  2. Bad dreams
    Last time I told my husband I had a bad dream. I was dreaming of us getting married. He said: 'You know, in my culture dreams have opposite meaning.'
  3. Change of mood
    Mostly means crying a lot.
  4. Headaches
    Could be a result of crying and lack of sleep and the next phase.
  5. Lost of appetite
    This one I sort of like. I always loose weight.
  6. Telling your ex it's over
    Sometimes the whole world knows first.
  7. Having THE TALK
    Stupid, stupid, stupid. Gives him a chance to say sh.ity things. Lies. Meaningless things.
  8. Packing, moving out, flying out
    We have a saying in Poland, that could be translated: take your toys and go back to your sandbox. Which is what I am usually doing. Sort of getting away, escaping.
  9. Resigning
    From work. Yeah. Because the place reminds me of him or because with have common friends or because he is the only reason I work there.
  10. Unfriending him on social media
    Didn't happen yet. We are married. We have 40 friends in common on Facebook.
  11. Changing phone number
    Didn't happen yet means it happened before. I think this time might be just different.
  12. Deleting our pictures
    Once I destroyed a DVD with 3 years of my life never to get back.
  13. Random outburst of crying
    'I'm getting divorced' sobbing.
  14. Saying you are ok
    Or 'I'll be ok', when ultimately you are. Someday.
  15. Being strong
    Like above.
  16. Not wanting to have anything to do with him
    Wanting to just leave everything behind, including your belongings.
  17. Wanting to have your back
    Like, we have been together almost 7 years and married almost 4. Half of everything is mine!
  18. Restlessness
    Cleaning the toiled, driving around, watching sunrise, having to just go out...
  19. Praying
    Another Polish saying, that could be translated: Only in destress you turn your face to God.
  20. Changing my hairstyle
    That's my thing. New me.
  21. ...
    I never been married before and never got divorced, so there is probably more in store.
  22. Having THE 2ND TALK
    Oh this one is awful and I forgot about it. So he says: 'Is there anything I can say or do to make you change your mind?', 'I don't want to lose you', 'I know you love me', 'You know I love you', 'You are going to regret your decision', 'We had plans', ...
  23. Hugging. Physical contact
    So, on the occasions I didn't actually leave, this would have happened. My husband made an attempt to hug me. I hold his hand and asked if can not do this. He got angry. My body was dying to embrace in his arms. It going to be the hardest thing I ever made. God help me.