Inspired by @brimattia & @LizDawson
  1. Listen to me talk. Like actually listen.
  2. Suggest a sports activity together (hiking, day at a pool, walk, riding a bicycle...)
  3. Keep promises. Whether it be 'I'll call you later' or 'One day we will own this island'.
  4. Say 'You look pretty / cute / nice / adorable / gorgeous/ smart / ... in this dress, shirt, these yoga pants, glasses, pajamas ...'.
  5. Say 'I enjoy spending time with you'.
  6. Look at me while talking to me.
  7. Suggest playing 'Trivial pursuit' with me.
  8. Discuss recent political issues with me.
  9. Ask about my day at work and expect to hear an answer.
  10. Ask about my family members remembering their names.
  11. Plan vacation together.
  12. Buy flowers and offer them.
  13. Remember anniversaries.
  14. Complement me on my learning progress and if applicable - help, motivate, suggest alternative ways of learning, buy learning materials, etc.
  15. Support my dieting plan, go on diet if applicable, stop buying chocolate etc.
  16. Say my name.
  17. Read a book.
  18. Have a dog.