Inspired by @TheNoshery
  1. Agata
    That's my actual name. It appears in my legal documents. I like my name. At some point was thinking of changing my name for a Mulim name. It comes from Greek. It has its representation in many languages. Believed to mean 'good'.
  2. Agatka
    In Poland and probably many other eastern / Central European countries, diminutive versions of names are created . Here, by adding K. It's nice to hear it, specially from those I haven't seen for a while.
  3. Aguś
    Mostly used by my family members. I think maybe even only by my older sister.
  4. Agusia / Agusiu
    When I read it, I hear my grandmother say it. Gotta love it, right? Agusiu - Vocative case. Yeah, Polish grammar is complex.
  5. Agacia / Agaciu
    Same as above. The last one sound a bit like a sneeze.
  6. Agunia
    The most diminutive form.
  7. Aga
    Some believe that this is an abbreviation of the name Agnieszka (Agnes) and even if it's true, that is how people call me too.
  8. Agix
    This one is very special. My 14 years younger brother had a phase in his life when he would create names. He must have been 3 or 4. It's inspired by Asterix and Obelix or a company name from the 90s. My father (Tadeusz), was named Tadex. His name stayed with him.
  9. Adjata
    I didn't know how to spell it, but in the Middle East people have problem pronouncing j/g and p/b.
  10. Baby
    Yeah, for those who can not remember my name or get confused. Like my husband.