16 things to do
  1. Continue writing 1-2 times per month
  2. Understand coding
  3. Travel for pleasure/vacation rather than just work
  4. Work out in the morning rather than at night
    The early bird gets the worm or something?
  5. Read at least 8 new books
  6. Contribute at the upper end of my potential at work, home, social
    Hustle hard. Work smart.
  7. Reduce my possessions
    Memories not things
  8. Go skiing at least twice
    Looking at you El Nino
  9. Write 5 project proposals
    More importantly, carry them out start-finish
  10. Receive and understand feedback
  11. Bike twice a week, compete in a race/short tour this year
    Bike the Drive counts!
  12. Be Present
    Try to go on social media only if I'm alone or out of necessity to contact people
  13. Create a healthy climate wherever I go
  14. Speak my truth
  15. Take ownership
  16. Have fun
  17. Bonus: humblebrag about family and friends more
    Everyone loves/hates that guy