Important to understand: MBTI focuses on your "preferences." These are like nature - you are generally hard wired with these. Many of us work on and develop the opposite of our preferences - these are called "skills." One preference is not superior to the other but they should be complemented with the opposite.
  1. Extraversion - the way you direct and receive energy
    People who prefer Extraversion tend to direct their energy toward the outside world and get energized by interacting with people.
  2. Sensing - the way you take in information
    People who prefer Sensing tend to take in information that is real and tangible. They focus mainly on what they perceive using the five senses.
  3. Feeling - the way you decide and come to conclusions
    People who prefer Feeling typically base their decisions and conclusions on personal and social values, with understanding and harmony the primary goals.
  4. Judging - the way you approach the outside world (I swear I'm not judgmental)
    People who prefer Judging typically come to conclusions quickly and want to move on, and take an organized planned approach to the world.