No Bears because I can't deal with them this season
  1. Jimmy "Buckets" Butler
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  2. Joakim "No Brainer" Noah
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  3. Anthony "🔥" Rizzo
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  4. Jakkkkkke Arrieta
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  5. Oh Captain my Captain Toews
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  6. Pau Pau
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  7. Addison "Young enough to be my son" Russell
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  8. Derrick
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    Couldn't not put him on here somewhere
  9. Shani Davis
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    We chilled in 3rd grade
  10. Nazr Mohammed
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    Love an underdog
  11. Honorable mention 1: Joe Maddon
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    Honorable mention because he's not an athlete but he's a god to me
  12. Honorable mention 2: Barry
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    I mean look at that jumper! #BallinBarry